Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space – Graphic Novel

* * * * * * * * * * 10/10

Jave Galt-Miller

This is not something to take seriously. Not even a little. Like the title suggests, it’s a graphic novel about lesbian zombies from… well, you know. It’s all there.

The story is as uncomplicated and as silly as you’d expect. The alien zombies are hungry for man parts, and the only woman unaffected by the disease, virus, outbreak, however you’d want to describe it, happens to be a lesbian. The men are left helpless and terrified, soon to be killed, with the exception of our hero, Ace, who’s plan to defeat the zombies involves…. wait for it… porn.


It’s a light and easy read, though where I left off had suddenly taken quite a dark turn. The artwork is excellent and suits the book and I have the feeling it’s going to offend a lot of people.

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