J. Cassidy

I’m J. Cassidy and I used to be an oak tree growing in a park in England. I still like to be decorated once a year.

Pink, sparkly fluffles and rainbows make everything better.



Sweet-Pea’s Thief


“If you can pay, I can get you your body back.”

Her body stolen, her soul pushed into a world of magic and monsters, Sweet-pea’s best chance of survival is to stick with Alan and his promise of protection.

Hounded by the threat of bounty hunters, wanted by the mysterious Tin Master and chased by monsters attracted to her, getting home soon takes second place to staying alive.

The Obvious

An alcoholic father, her mother missing since she was a child, all Sammy has are her friends.
When their deceit starts to tear into their group Sammy must decide whether doing the right thing is worth losing everything.

Friendships can be fleeting, family can’t be chosen and the choices she makes will stay with her until the day she dies.


Time Out

Given a key that offers all the joy that time has, Ben is more than a little sceptical. It’s too much to believe that he really could save his wife, go back to a time when everything was still full of promise or even see the dinosaurs…

“Try it. Go on, prove me wrong.”

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