Faye Kename

I am not a carrot








Aliens, giant chicken monsters, vampires and a mad scientist. Just another day in Imaginary City.
The signs are all there. Something big is happening. Something not very good. It’s up to Matthew Doorkey to find out what’s going on and put a stop to it. With the help of a vampire with a cheese fixation, a slightly deranged but world-renowned author, a man who shares his body

 with an alien, a Hero who has just discovered his superhuman powers and a Villain bent on world conquest, Matthew sets out to find the truth and save his city from an unknown evil. Or at the very least, to get laid.


2 thoughts on “Faye Kename

  1. I found out about this site because I’ve occasionally used “Faye Kename” as a pseudonym before. Am I right in thinking it’s pronounced “Fake Name”?


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