Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

* * * * * * * * * *  10/10

Douglas Adams

200px-Dirk_Gently_front_coverI was utterly delighted with the brief reference to Hitchhikers.

It’s been sat for so long on my to-read shelf, I ended up watching it on Netflix before I ever got near it. Then I googled it and found out there’s a British TV show which I still need to sit down with, and finally I remembered I have the book, gathering dust.

Svlad Cjelli, otherwise known as Dirk Gently is not a psychic, not even a little. Definitely not. It’s just coincidence.

He is a holistic detective who will find your missing cat through proving the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

It’s exactly the kind of book you’d expect from Douglas Adams, and every bit as good as Hitchhikers.


Taking a break

It’s been a while since I did much of anything. 4 months since I recorded any video reviews, a few weeks since I wrote a text review, I haven’t written or coded anything for a few days now. I’m too tired, have too much real-life stuff to do and not the energy to do anything anyway. How can so much time pass so quickly, and so little have got done?

I’m slowly catching up on reads. If I owe a review, you’ll get one. Eventually.

Me too

I’m not going to write about every time. I’m only going to talk about the last time.

The last time, I was on my way to work. It’s a Friday evening, and there’s a lot of pubs between me and my destination.

It wasn’t some awful event. Some guy threw his arm over my shoulder and tried to drag me towards his friends, away from the main street. As harassment goes, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. I mean, he wasn’t trying to hurt me, even though he wouldn’t let go. It was a bit scary when he tried to follow me after I ducked out from under his arm, but he gave up after a few minutes. He was just some guy who’d had a few too many and thought he was being friendly.

I’m writing about it not just because he had no clue how frightening a giant he was, but because this was a crowded street. People going home from work, people going out with friends, people just out and about. It was quite plain I didn’t want to go with him to the little alley with all his friends. It ought to have been fairly obvious I didn’t want him to follow me…

So why didn’t anyone try stop him?


* * * * * * * 7 / 10

LeVar Ravel

517uZolDueL._SY346_Elizabeth, known better as Gwen, has been made a fool of. Her husband and their business have been made fools of. The only reasonable way to deal with the cause of their unhappiness is with a hitman.
The best man for the job is the man who makes his hits look like suicide, making certain that his employers are never implicated in the death at all. No one knows how he does it, they just know he’s the best.
The story starts off well and is hard to put down. The characters interact well, Gwen and Charles in particular, and in a way that while it’s easy to see how they got where they are, it’s still frustrating. By the end of the book, it was like I’d known them for years.
It does come a little heavy on the moral lessons, the ending a little cloying. The story itself is good, though.

The Soul of Nemach

* * * * * * 6/10

Scott Butcher

download (1)A story set in the 40’s, where the threat of Nazi invasion is palpable. Nemach and Humphrey must outwit the bad guys and stop them interfering in the filming of a movie that could aid the war effort.

It’s a nice little comedy which at times feels a little under-written. I got the impression that I had picked the book up mid-way through a series. Being a short book, there wasn’t much time to get to know the characters so they came across as being a little one-dimensional.

Even so, it’s not a bad story and could be an excellent series if the author gives it a little more attention.

Coldheart Canyon

* * * * * * * * *  9/10

Clive Barker

download (1)Todd Pickett has a face-lift that goes horribly wrong, and has to go into hiding until he has recovered, in the hopes that he will recover. The perfect hiding place is found in Coldheart Canyon. The beautiful house and grounds are neglected but liveable, and although are not to Todd’s usual tastes, he is quite happy to stay. It isn’t long before Todd finds out why Coldheart Canyon is so lost to the world, however.
This one was read in just a few days. I wasn’t sure about it to begin with, having started at the start like you do, about a canyon. It didn’t take long to get right into the story though. The the celebrity name-dropping made me smile, but at the same time made the book much more real and was much easier to get into the plot.
These are not people I can relate to, with problems that I am faced with and at no point was there an attempt to ‘normalise’ these super-stars for me. This was much appreciated.
Where I was disappointed is in how much story happened after the story ended. Everyone except the dead got their happy-ever-after, everything worked out well and it was as glittery, shining and fake as the people the book is mocking. In a way it was the perfect ending, but it went on for a little too long and felt a bit like the author was uncertain of where to stop.


I have a new favourite place. So many pretty things, so much good food – I recommend the Pupasch, yes that is a picture of a farting arse – and so much shopping! I found the most perfect pair of shoes ever.



Next time, I’ll stay for longer. And I’ll probably buy the shoes, too.