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Youtube For Book-People who like hearing about books. Do the thing where you like, subscribe, comment with your own thoughts and opinions and if you have any suggestions for reading material shout up. Uploads happen around work, so they’re not frequent but we are trying to make more time for it.

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We are back on Earth and reviewing. Unfortunately we’re so busy, it’s unlikely we’re going to accept a request. Preference is for comedy.

We don’t respond to private messages. It got… creepy.


12 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Outstanding blog. If you resume reviewing, I have a satirical work you might like. Feel free to take a look at and let me know. Thanks.


  2. I have a comedic book called Meat My Uncle, it’s on and and I think maybe It’s basically about a boy with a strange imagination. Hope you review it, thanks, and have a good day.


  3. What a treat finding a review blog that specializes in comedy. I read several of your reviews. I like the stripped-down format. You may be interested in reviewing my book, a YA/Low-fantasy/Satire/Romance called, Evelyn Dear Fender. You can find a sample of it at or where you can leave me a message. I can also be found at All the best! Rodney


  4. My son & I just published the fourth book of our ‘Smith & Wesson’ comedy series about two friends who get in all sorts of jams. We plan to be having free promo days this weekend. We would love if you would review our book. Here is the link to the book Please grab a free copy this weekend June 11th and 12th 2016. Thank you


  5. Hello Twisted Biscuits,

    Hope you are doing well.
    I’d like submit my book “Quest for Kriya” for your Book Review.

    Winner 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards, Gold Medal 2016 eLit Book Awards, Finalist 2015 International Book Awards

    A Thrilling Adventure/Comedy where East meets West, Technology talks to Tradition, and Hope dances with Despair.

    If this book is a good fit for your site, please let me know and I can provide you the Kindle (.mobi) file for review (283 pages).

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  6. Yes, finally, a book reviewer that doesn’t want romance or fantasy, but HUMOR!!

    Hoping to interest you in…

    TurboJetslams: Proof #29 of the Non-Existence of God

    You ever have a neighbour whose behaviour is so mind-bogglingly inconsiderate and so suicide-inducingly annoying that you just want to ask him, in a polite Canadian way, to please stop?

    TurboJetslams isn’t like that.

    TurboJetslams: Proof #29 of the Non-Existence of God, tells the tale of one person’s pathetic and hilarious attempts to single-handedly stop the destruction of a little piece of beautiful Canadian wilderness by the increasing numbers of idiots who couldn’t care less.

    A quick and entertaining summer read. A perfect cottage-warming gift. Boomer lit. Sure to resonate with paddlers everywhere.

    Available in print and various ebook formats at the usual online stores.


  7. My humorous new book, TRUMPED – BEYOND POLITICALLY CORRECT, deals with one of the most controversial topics of today – politically correct vs. politically incorrect language and actions. The book is not about politics or politicians.

    The book contains over 100 situations that people face in real life along with the type of response a person might give if trying to be politically correct. Then, what a person would say if they had the guts to go Beyond Politically Correct and say what they really believe, to be Brutally Honest, is shown for the same situation.

    The book is about relationships, advice, wisdom, and philosophies to live by, sprinkled with a good dose of humor, satire, and irreverence.

    The book was published April 28, 2016 by Sweet Memories Publishing and it is available on in paperback and Kindle eBook.

    I will appreciate it if you will consider this book for a review. I think you will find it very appropriate for today’s world and will find it to be very humorous and fun to read. I will be please send you a digital copy of the book. Thank you. Peter


  8. Hi Twisted Biscuits,

    Or should I call you oak tree and carrot?

    How exciting to find a blog that specialises in comedy!

    I know you’re busy but you might like the sound of my comic novel Mervyn vs. Dennis. Here’s a quick synopsis for you:

    Deep in debt, Mervyn Kirby gets a job he doesn’t want by pretending to be racist. His new boss Dennis Lane thinks he’s found a kindred spirit. When Mervyn confesses he’s not really racist, Dennis thinks it’s just part of the act. Day by day, to Mervyn’s horror, Dennis worms his way into Mervyn’s private life. Despite his fears, Mervyn is torn: his new job pays well but he despises Dennis and everything he stands for. How far will Mervyn go to free himself? How far will Dennis go to become friends? Will they settle their differences or end up killing each other? And why are so many shifty people carrying pineapples around town?

    If that sounds like the sort of thing you’d enjoying reviewing, I’d love to send you an ebook in your format of choice.

    Here’s the goodreads link:

    Thanks a lot for your time.

    Best wishes,


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    • Totally sold.
      Please message Cassidy on Facebook, link above.
      I’ve just started reading David Copperfield and that is a monster of a book, with 10 minutes a day to read it’s slow going. A review isn’t going to be quick, hope that’s OK.


  9. Hi Twisted Biscuits!

    Welcome back to Earth. How about some earthly dystopian fun!

    If you have time in your busy schedule I ‘d love for you to review my novelette, Dating in the Apocalypse. More information on the book is below, as well as a link to the free book on Barnes and Noble. I can also provide any digital format upon request.
    Thank you!


    You think your dating life is tough; Tom Collins is looking for the love of his life in the middle of an apocalypse! If he can overcome murderous clans, a slave-based economy, and a meddlesome mother who designs deadly dresses for women, he might just find “the one.”

    A novelette.
    Approx. 18,000 words
    Book one in the series.

    Dating in the Apocalypse: Sarah: “The One”
    Christopher John Chater
    Published by Chater Publishing
    BISAC: Fiction / Romance / Humor
    50 Pages
    Published July 8, 2016
    Kindle Edition .99c
    ASIN: B01I6Q2BBK

    Nook lInk:


  10. My name is David Belisle and I’d be humbled and greatly appreciate your review of my indie humor novella Screwball. As the cover suggests, it’s a satirical swing at the grand old game.

    A quick blurb …

    Hayward Templeton, a psychiatry grad student at the University of Iowa, grudgingly agrees to pitch in a co-ed baseball game. A stickler for research, he discovers online how to throw a screwball and excels at it. Hayward’s team wins and while celebrating, they accidentally drop him on his head. As he lies on the ground unconscious, a few teammates discuss an upcoming psych quiz. Hayward unknowingly soaks it all in. When he comes to, he begins experiencing bizarre mental disorders — on his way to the big leagues as a screwball pitcher.

    Screwball is as screwball does …

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Publication date: October 31, 2016 … 106 pgs / 23K words.

    I can provide you with a PDF, mobi or ePub version of Screwball.

    Here’s the book link at Amazon …

    Thanks for your consideration.

    … David Belisle


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