Random Stuff


I’m starting off 2018 with my summer holiday already booked and paid for. YAY!

2018 has got off to quite an insane beginning. The madness of 2017 looks set to continue on a downward spiral but that’s OK. I have a week away already sorted. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to save enough to get another week away for the winter.

Plans for this year include trying to shout louder than the kagillian other authors all shouting about their books. Trying to get a handle on this marketing thingy. There’s that game I released, lost the files for and am now redoing with improvements. At some point I swear I will totally get back to Youtube with reviews. I will read some books and leave reviews. I will attempt to get Faye to do more stuff… get her to leave her pit at least once this year.

Buy my books. Please buy my books?

Oh, aye. If you’re in the UK, be careful on the roads for the next few months. I’ve applied for a drivers licence.

J. Cassidy


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