Teach a Teacher a Lesson – Books

* * * * * * * * * 9 / 10

Cat Nicolaou

Sam is an arrogant 18 year old, given everything in life and spoiled enough to believe what he wants is his by default. Rita is his new history teacher and he wants her…
Fast forward ten years and Sam seems to have his life under control. Handsome, charming and in a job on a cruise ship that takes him around the world. No matter how happy he appears on the surface though, he still feels resentful that Rita had him expelled for his unwelcome and almost threatening advances at school.
Then there’s Rita, who’s left an abusive relationship and decides to start a new life with a luxury cruise…
This is not a romantic tale. This is a pair of dysfunctional people, who don’t so much meet again as crash spectacularly without thought as to who they take down with them.

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