Mervyn Vs Dennis – Books

* * * * * * * * * * 10/10

Niels Saunders

I have no idea how to begin this review. I can say that it became one of my new favourites. Like, ever. It’s going on the Top Shelf. Only three other authors have a place on the Top Shelf.

There’s a lot of humour, and a lot of darkness hiding away under it. It’s like a person. A charming, funny person that you love to be around but spend a lot of time thinking about because there’s something about them that isn’t quite sunshine.

Mervyn is in need of a job so he pretends to be racist. So his tale of woe begins, brought entirely on himself. His ultra-racist and super-allergic new boss is a grade-A tosspot who somehow manages to wriggle his way into Mervyn’s life deeper and deeper like the slimy worm that he is.

Mervyn’s relationships with his brother, his former employer and his co-workers roller-coasters along like a ride he can’t get off and somehow Dennis is the most important person there is. The world for a while is falling down around him and it takes second place to Dennis and his allergies, racism, his wife who isn’t his wife but his sister, and pineapples.

Ah, yes. The pineapples. There is a fruit that I won’t think of the same way again.

Mervyn spends the book despising Dennis, trying to understand how he can be the way that he is, trying to show Dennis over and over how backward his way of thinking is. As expected, Dennis hears only what he wants to and his ignorance knows no bounds.

The ending came as a surprise. I did not expect in any way to feel the way I did.

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