The Crooked Spire – Books

* * * * * * * 6.5/10

Chris Nickson

This book was of particular interest to me, not just because of my interest in history but because Chesterfield happens to be one of my favourite places, ever.

The story follows John, who has lost his family to the Black Death. A skilled carpenter, John quickly finds work at the building site of a church, soon to become the famous Crooked Spire. Of course it doesn’t take long for someone to die and John finds himself suspect in murder.

The story is well researched and quite well written. There are times where I feel the character is just a little detached from his emotions but in that way he is also quite realistic – he has just lost his family and life that he knew to the plague and I imagine after that, he doesn’t want to do much feeling. There are times though where his feelings didn’t come across in the way that they could have, especially his worry and fear that if his broken arm doesn’t heal properly, it will permanently put him out of work.

An interesting plot, some likeable characters and an insight into life at that time makes this a book well worth reading.

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