Mr Blank – Books

* * * * * * * 7 / 10

Justin Robinson

If you’ve ever wondered how many conspiracy theories you can cram into one book, here is your answer.

Slow to start, the pace soon picks up as Mr Blank is hurtled from one deep-underground-secret-society to another, trying to work out which one, if not all of them(!), is trying to kill him. And aliens.

There is a blossoming romance which the main character is naturally suspicious of, an insane plot which somehow works and fits in every way and an ending that came out of nowhere and is so perfect that all I could do was grin.

The humour is subtle in places, in-your-face in others and never lets up. Constant mickey-taking out of so many conspiracy theories was exactly what I needed to read at the time.

Where the book needs work is in keeping the pace. One minute slow, the next things are racing along and it gets hard to keep track of.

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