Daddy of the Dead – Books

* * * * * * * * *  9/10

Adam Oster

A fun and light-hearted story about the lengths a father will go to get home to his child. There just happens to be a zombie apocalypse in the way.

Bert first has to escape a hotel room, then meets the drunk Guy and the adorable dog, Scamp. They must fight through the storm and the zombies so Bert can be home at the time promised to his little girl. There’s no explanations of how or why there’s an apocalypse going on and I’m so glad for that. There’s only so many times a virus can end the world before it becomes dull.

It’s quite a short story which would work quite well as a comic and I think would be interesting as a computer game. It could be worked on and fleshed out to make a full length novel, but that could slow the pace too much. As it, it’s just about right.

While not my favourite of Oster’s, it’s not a bad read and it says a lot about his writing that he managed to make zombies not boring.

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