A Whole Lot – Books

* * * * * * * * 8/10

Bradley Wind

The story has a strong start following Abel Valesco, a savant with what today would be recognised as autism. He’s left care to live with long lost relatives and that is perhaps the most unfortunate thing that could have happened to him.

Abel sees the world through numbers and his numbers lead him to become obsessed with a bible that he believes contains a mathematical puzzle.

The story follows his childhood living with an abusive aunt and cousin, his relief found in his older friends who I believe he views as family and his struggles socialising with people his own age. A compelling read.

The story was somewhat let down by the ending, though I still struggle with that. One the one hand, the book is written to be realistic and real life doesn’t have endings or closure. With that in mind, the way the book ends is perfect.

On the other hand, this is a book and it needs an ending and closure. Every page was crafted with care, only to trail off when it came to ending Abel’s tale.

Highly recommended.

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