Strange Bodies – Books

* * * * 4/10

Antonia Marlowe

The story starts off in the best possible way, with a pair of brutally murdered bodies hanging from a tree with their intestines wrapped around each other. I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this book, being that I love a grisly murder-mystery.

If the author had stuck with a murder-style story, I would have rated it much higher. She’s an excellent writer, but in this book has tried to tie in too many plots at once.

Alongside the police trying to solve the puzzling case with a cool conspiracy thrown in, there is the foundations of a dystopian story, a society watched over by Big Sys and this could have worked if only the effort had been put in. As is, this part of the plot comes across as though the author wanted to do more but didn’t know quite what. It trails off into nothing much and for all that the characters make a big deal about Big Sys and the society they live in, as part of the story it becomes unimportant.

The romance part of the story was completely unnecessary and I feel the book would have been far better off without it. The female characters all find their other halves, and it doesn’t impact on the plot in the slightest. As for the two main characters, I wish with all my heart that hadn’t been done. It was awkward, forced, and in places not at all realistic.

That said, I did finish the book and if there weren’t good parts to it I wouldn’t have bothered with it. The romance side of it really drags the book down and a lot more could and should have been done with Big Sys. With more work, this could be so much better.

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