Scrag, Up the Hill Backwards – Books

* * * * * * * * 8/10

Jesamine James

For being such  a heavy and depressing subject, the book was easy to read and I finished it in one sitting. It’s a horrible story, made worse in that it’s an autobiography, of the abuse the author suffered as a child at the hands of her mother’s husband.

The book answers a question that shouldn’t need to be asked – why not say something at the time?

It also addresses the misconceptions around the grooming of children.

It’s well written, and draws the reader in by not wavering in the telling. Jesamine tells it as she sees it, regardless of how it may sound and never makes excuses. It’s clear and makes complicated thought processes easy to understand. The coping mechanisms Jesamine developed were particularly interesting.

This is probably what Jesamine James needed to get things straight for herself, and as a book written by her for herself, it works. For me reading it, I felt some things were missing. There are mentions here and there of the impact her childhood has on her adult life, but not how it affected her family. I found myself wondering if those around her knew what was happening, how they felt when they found out and how their relationships were affected by it.

One thought on “Scrag, Up the Hill Backwards – Books

  1. I liked ‘Scrag’ and was particularly struck at how chronic and painful abuse impacted a clever mind, and how Jes managed, despite a truly chaotic life, to make something of her life.

    I enjoy reading these reviews, thank you.


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