Face mask – Beauty

Tomato puree, tumeric and lemon juice mask.

* * * * * * 6/10


First of all, tumeric stains skin yellow. Never let it be said there was no warning.

Mix 1 tsp of each ingredient to form a rather smelly paste. Smear it on your face, leave it 15 minutes and wash off.

The tumeric stains will come off with more tomato puree or soapy water and a flannel.

This mask scores a six because it works amazingly well. I’ve never had such a soft, clear looking face, even in colour. The bags under my eyes disappeared and the dark circles were no more.

It doesn’t score higher because it stinks, and for a while I was afraid I was going to have to explain why I was yellow. And the smell. Oh, the smell.

2 thoughts on “Face mask – Beauty

  1. LOL! This is rather funny, I have to admit. Couldn’t decide whether I should sympathize or lick your face. Did it taste good?

    Turmeric stains skin, but so does lemon juice, I think. I’m sure I remember it staining my fingers.

    Bless you! Have a wonderful weekend. xxx 🙂


  2. It was a tangy, bitter taste that I wish I didn’t know how to describe.
    Lemon juice was one of the recommended remedies for removing the staining, but it’s very drying so I went with tomato purée instead.


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