Alice of the Rocks – Books

* * * * * * * * * 9/10

Edy Graziani

This is a time travelling romance. Who can resist a time travelling romance? It is difficult to say much without giving away spoilers…
Alice is going for a holiday to Florence, Italy with her parents in 2029, while in the same place but 1512 Elisa is a scullery maid working for the Medici family.
The connection between these two women may surprise you. There was a moment early on where I thought to myself, ‘Oh, no, this author hasn’t gone and done what was obvious, has she?’, only to turn out that she hadn’t. I was constantly surprised by the events as they unfolded.
The romance comes from Claudio and Elisa, a love story that transcends time to affect Alice in the future. Claudio, a high-born member of the Medici household, has responsibilities and ties that he can’t ignore and his romance with Elisa doesn’t seem possible.
On the other hand, Alice has responsibilities and ties that she too, can’t ignore. Her own romance is equally impossible.
It wouldn’t be correct to say I don’t know a lot of Italian history. I don’t know any of it. I can’t say how accurate it is, but I can say it is entirely believable and appears well researched.
There are some parts I thought were over-explained. The theory used in the book may or may not have any credibilty but there was too much information given on it. At times, reading was nothing more than a stream of long words that might have something to do with time travel, but little to do with the plot.
The ending for me was perfect. Nothing else would have worked as well.

One thought on “Alice of the Rocks – Books

  1. Thanks for the great review – glad you liked Alice of the Rocks – hope you are up to reading the sequel next year!! E.


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