Sha-Di’s Gift – Inheritance – Books

* * * * * * 6/10

David Powell

Sha-Di is a 12/13 year old girl who one day finds her life turned upside down. Everything she knows changes when her home is repossessed and her mother takes her to live with her Gradfather on a Navajo reservation. Sha-Di is none too pleased with this turn of events, but rather than act out as a teenager might she takes it all in her stride, deals with each situation and makes her way through her life which becomes rather complicated with the realisation that she has a gift.

Sha-Di is likeable though I think rather niave for her age. While she is very adult in dealing with things like the possibilty of her parents divorce, being moved away from her life to another she isn’t interested in and coping with an ability that either frightens or fascinates others to her detriment, she is a little more childish when it comes to asking why animals considered dangerous must be killed.

I found this book extremely hard to put down. Sha-Di approaches life with an endearing innocence which often gets her into trouble. When she has an ability to enter the minds of animals, and possibly humans too, there is a lot that can go wrong.

There is some editing that needs to be done and the way the book ended was less than satisfactory. There was no resolution, just half of a story. This was a disappointment, having enjoyed the book so thoroughly.

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