Born a Zpeg

By Paula Louise Shene

Edith, as usual, was sitting at her workstation daydreaming when Joe strode in.

“What are you doing with our life credits?” he bellowed. “Are you aiming for us to be Zpegged, woman?”

Edith, a placid soul, did not yell back. She realized that Joe needed to ‘let off steam’ and the only thing he ever hurt was her eardrums. She’d need to Zpeg up some mufflers one of these days  if she remembered. While Edith had a calm disposition, she appeared to be a bit of a ditz when it came to following through on everyday life.

“Honey, Sweetheart, whatever is the problem, now?” Edith calmly asked.

“Don’t Honey, Sweetheart me. You know what I’m talking about! Your new toy in the driveway, you know, the one with the four, no make that five wheels! And a million credits price tag! That’s what I’m talking about!” Joe said in his usual volume… loud.

Edith chuckled, “Oh, that, the Z. I was sitting here thinking about how much you loved that old Nissan and I wanted to get you a …”

“A one-way trip to the zpegs farm?” Joe mockingly asked.

Edith straightened up from the slouch she usually favored. Looking Joe full in the eye, she says, “I think it’s time I explained some fundamental Zpeg facts to you Joe. You’ve always said I was good with figures, so I was the one to take care of our life credits. Isn’t that so?”

“Yeah, yeah. So, talk.” This better be good, Joe thought.

With an absent look in her eyes, Edith softly said, “In a far off galaxy, long, long ago. Oops, that’s another story. Ah hmm, when the Zpegs, which are pearl-like spheres that can be anything came on the market, it was touted to DO so many things and BE so many things. It was to be the last in the line of all the pegs from A to Z.  Just so… It was to be the last in the line of all the pegs, ‘From A to Zpegs ~ Whatever Your Heart Desires’ was its selling slogan. Well, I got to thinking about that, their slogan. If a Zpegs could do or be anything, why not start with it being a Zpegs womb?”

Joe hissed, “So, you’re saying all of the things we’ve got came from the Zpegs’ womb? You’re telling me we’ve got a bunch of little Zpegs running around?”

Smiling, Edith said, “Yup. And before you start thinking we’re violating patenting laws – I looked up our contract with all its fine print, even the fine print that had fine print. Ran it through the ‘Legalese program’ and nada, zilch, zero, nothing, zot, zip and all those other words for naught came out. We can use the Zpegs for anything. A surrogate womb I figured was the best I could do for the 100,000,000 credits. A one-time deal and we can have anything we want.”

“Hallelujah!” shouted Joe as he ran to try out his new ‘Z,’ sitting in the driveway.

Edith thought those ear mufflers better be the next thing on her list to be born.


~ Originally appeared in WIP form on the Bookrix site ~



Paula Louise Shene took to writing after forced retirement.  A former college administrator and business owner whose hours are now filled caring for a disabled husband, and tapping away at the keys taking her into a saner reality.  She writes children’s stories under Paula Shene where she also writes under the banner of The Peacock Writers, a group dedicated to charity.  PC Shene is her name for Scifi/Fantasy/Adventure.

One thought on “Born a Zpeg

  1. There is a grammatical error is this short story ~ if you can find it and leave the answer in a comment at paulalouiseshene@gmail with the heading grammatical error is, I’ll give you a chance to win a copy of my award-winning children’s story, Digging Bones, to be released early May 2015


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