The Way of Life – PC Game

* * * * * * * * * * 10/10

Firstly, I know nothing about computers. I couldn’t begin to describe anything computerish. The game loaded quickly, there was no lag, and the play was smooth.

The Way of Life uses a simple, clean art style that suits the game very well. It’s a straightforward plot – you help the characters across the road. There are three different characters to play, each unlocking after you have completed the last and each with their own obstacles. The business man, who wants so badly to go to the sweetie stall but must instead go to work, the old man who must make the terrifying journey, and the young child where whole world is an adventure. If you’re into those thinking type of games, this is a good one as it lends a new perspective to the different people you might see in life, not just seeing the world through their eyes, but to remember that people are people with wants like anyone else.

The game is in Early Access on Steam and the first three levels are free to play. It’s a great shame that the last update was in 2014 and feels very much like this game has been forgotten. But, top marks for what has been created.

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