You Used to Hurry Home – Books

* * * * * * * * * * 10/10

Angelika Rust

What starts off as a reasonable and sensible story very quickly descends into side-splitting-funny chaos when Francis sort of accidentally brings about the apocalypse. Take your pick of apocalypse, there were many featured.

As  the world descends into madness, so does the story and yet remains lucid enough that it has an obvious direction. Almost obvious… when I reached the end I was tripped up by the unexpected. I had to laugh out loud.

While this is a work of humour and is light-hearted, the theme throughout is that sometimes things are ridiculous. Religion, science, zombie outbreak… all these things have elements to them that are considered silly by many and these are brought to light in a way that isn’t mean spirited, but says ‘look, we’re all a bit daft’. It was nice to see the idea that everything and everyone can work together without bad feeling or ill-will, and that all beliefs have equal importance. And that if we insist on making the same stupid mistake over and over, all we will do is go around in circles.

For laugh out loud funny, a quick read and a plot that’s easy to follow, this is the perfect story.

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