When you Bleed to Death – Books

Jeremy Bronaugh

* * * * * * * 7/10

This one isn’t an easy one to read, or review afterwards. I can’t say what it was that kept me reading until the end, and I mean I couldn’t put the book down.
The characters are awful, especially the main character, Brody, who is hell-bent on self-destruction, selfish and unable to realise that his problems are mostly caused by himself. His need for love, to be wanted or needed, is matched only by his unwillingness to believe that he truly deserves it.
All of his actions, from the self-harming to the reckless drug use and the many suicide-by-accident attempts are as hard to understand as they are easy to empathise with. All while reading, all I could think was that he needed to pull his head out, realise he isn’t the only one hurting and stop being such a selfish…. ahem. But it’s not as easy as all that. Brody never sees he has choices and options that don’t include destroying himself.
The ending does give some hope, though it could go either way and there could easily be a sequel there.
The book is very good. The characters are well written and the descent into madness smooth. I think that more could be done to make it easier to engage with the main character as it does get tiresome to constantly feel as though he brings his bad fortune to himself.

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