Gone Home – PC game

* * * 3/10

I know next to nothing about computers. I can tell you it has windows 7 on it and that’s about it. I’m assured by someone much more technologically advanced than I am that I have “8gig Ram, 500gig hard drive… you know what? It’s an Advent Monza N2. Google will give much better information than I can.
Anyway. I mention because I bought Gone Home and the Laptop doesn’t like it at all. Not a bit. I can play anything else with little problem but this game wouldn’t even load at first. My technologically advanced friend had a look at it, got rid of something to do with ’32’ and that made it so the game would open. It’s slow, juddery, takes an ice-age for the character to cross the room and generally isn’t much fun, which is a shame.
There is a lot of detail gone into it and an interesting plot. Someone cared very much about what they were creating. While attempting to look up ways to fix the game, given that a refund doesn’t look possible, I saw that the creators bent over backwards to help people fix whatever problems they were having.
If you have the braining abilities to fix any problems you might experience, go for it. If you’re like me an know nothing, either ask someone who does or don’t buy it.


The game itself:

It’s a very basic plot, to be honest. You play as the main character coming home from holiday to find the house is empty. You wander around, picking up objects and some of those objects will give you a ‘journal entry’ from the main character’s sister. Anyone would guess the ending less than ten minutes into playing.

That said, there is something to the idea of learning about this family, so perfect and with a family portrait to prove it, but beneath the surface there are problems like any other. There’s so much detail packed in, giving so much information on what turns out to be a broken family looking desperately for solutions and in some cases, really missing the mark.

I picked this game up on sale and wouldn’t recommend paying full price for it. It’s a lot of money to get little in return, and that’s not just because I’m biased against to begin with. There really isn’t much to the game. I completed it in less than two hours, despite it freezing up and generally being terrible to play.


Available on Steam

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