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The right to Free Speech

There are three important things to remember with the right to free speech.

1. The right to free speech doesn’t exempt you from consequences.

Whether that’s an arrest, a punch in the face or being told to shut up and get out, your rights are not being violated. No one is preventing you from speaking. You are  facing the consequences of your actions.

2. You have a right speak as you will. You do not have the right to a platform.

Just as I can’t sue the talentless, no good publisher… I mean, the busy people I’m sure are lovely…. for refusing my manuscript, you can’t claim your rights are violated when told to shut up and get out. As above, no one is preventing you from speaking. They are simply refusing you a platform to speak, as is their right. You are not entitled to TV air time, a spot in the local rag or the stage that is the bus station at one in the AM.

3. Free speech applies to everyone. Even with subjects considered distasteful.

It’s a sadly common thing where the right to free speech is used as an excuse to promote a person’s ideals, who would then scream about their rights being violated should anyone dare to disagree. The right to free speech applies to everyone. Not the few you want to speak.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire


While these points may seem to contradict each other, the reality is they don’t. The right to free speech comes with responsibilities. Say what you will, but be prepared to deal with backlash.

5 thoughts on “The right to Free Speech

    1. but seriously…I often think that many people today think of free speech much in the same way as the lords in the ancient feudal system did: I can say what I want, you need to shut the hell up.


      1. That way of thinking is what wrote the article. And I got a bit irritated ’cause it’s used as an excuse to be a tosspot.


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