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Feeding Trolls

Yes, I know a lot of people will tell me I need to take my own advice. They’re right. So I am taking my own advice and not feeding trolls, both online and off.

We all know a person that just rubs the wrong way. We all see a comment we just can’t leave alone. So many people have entered a heated discussion with the intent of cooling things down and being the voice of reason, only to be dragged into the argument.


Is it worth it?

Imagine being the person reading that discussion. The person you’re hoping will hire you, your agent, your future spouse…? Heh. Anyway. Is that the ‘you’ you want this person to see?

It’s not an easy thing to back up and walk away, especially if you happen to be the butt of insensitive or offensive comments. Walk away. Responding will make it worse and will make you look bad. Responding to stupidity is stupidity. Give a troll the silent treatment and they will wither up. It will take time, but what do you have if not time?

The people who know you know that whatever is being said about you is not true. People in general are capable of thought and will realise there is more to the story than whatever vile rubbish the troll is pushing. Whatever damage a troll can do to your reputation is nothing to the damage you will do to yourself by responding.

If you want to unravel an argument, be the voice of reason, think of this… since when does talking to brick walls help? If any person in the argument were willing to listen, to be rational, they wouldn’t be part of the argument. Walk away.

Don’t feed the Trolls is one of the best and most ignored bits of advice on the net.



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